I’m tired of “Well it works…”

Because no, it doesn’t! To hear ‘well it works’ is one of the most frustrating responses one can hear coming from those who make decisions about a products development. ‘It works’ to an engineer and ‘it works’ to a normal person, who is trying to accomplish a task, mean two entirely different things. To an […]

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Great quote from a great post about Steve Jobs and Paul Rand

Like any talent, you don’t find a good designer by asking for the one who’ll do it the cheapest or the one who will do it in two weeks instead of four. You find the designer that you trust enough to call an ‘expert.’ A designer makes only the amount of impact as the confidence […]

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The Future of UX as They know it – from the Origin Digital Blog

A blog I wrote for the company blog. There is a lot of discussion about the future of User Experience (UX) design among fellow practitioners. UX design, as an evolution from User Interaction design, Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors/Ergonomics, Usability Engineer, etc., has developed in parallel with computing and technology in our daily lives; a […]

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Thoughts on Design

“Ready. Fire. Aim!” Without great design you might hit the target, but the odds are against you.

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Tim Brown is on Team “Play With It”?

“By testing competing ideas against one another, there is an increased likelihood that the outcome will be bolder, more creatively disruptive, and more compelling.” Or as we summarize it, “Play With It”.

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