About Me.

I love technology. Not surprising since I grew up in a technology loving family. My dad always had new gadgets, and I loved tinkering with them. Soon, my job in the family was getting the darn things to work right! I fixed everything from wireless networks, to cell phones, to plugging in my sister’s USB printer. (She is both my twin and my technologically illiterate test subject!) This tinkering helped me pass my CCNA certification in 2002, after my High School graduation. I developed a sensibility for the user experience through my years of User Support management experience.

How and why I am in design:

My skills in technology, and my love of interacting with people, led to summer jobs in technology sales, support, and training. I feel I have good ideas that I can sell well so my B.S. degree in Business Informatics with a minor in Entrepreneurship was a good fit. After graduation, I took a job as a full time User Support Specialist leading the technology support team for the School of Continuing Studies at Indiana University.

Discovering Interaction Design was truly finding my calling. Proper design saves so much in support and training, and improves customer satisfaction. I feel my interests in people and technology, enhanced by my formal education gives me a unique perspective in approaching the design of technology.

My design philosophy in a tweet:

Design is approaching everything with the attitude that it (or a piece of it) can be improved. To design is to see a better future.


Ultimate Frisbee, Watching Sports, Frisbee Golf, Reading, Playing Video Games, Golf when I can afford it!

Favorite TV shows:

Chuck, Arrested Development, House, The Office, Modern Family, Burn Notice

What I read:

Amazon is amazing and I read way too many books it suggests on business and design. I love reading print, both books and magazines (and I really love how they smell). I regularly read Fast Company and Wired, and recently reread Thoughtful Interaction Design by Erik Stolterman and Jonas Lowgren.

Favorite movies:

Meet the Robinsons, Donnie Darko, Super Troopers, Saved!, Garden State, Muppets From Space, Happy Gilmore