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Working in a newsroom was a great opportunity to apply the skills and theory learned in my Master’s program, in a way that is unreplicable in a controlled classroom, including management of budget and time constraints. This internship involved working with people who were willing to completely buy into my process, people who were hesitant to the design process instead trying to “just start coding”, and people who didn’t mind me being there, as long as I didn’t get in their way. Though there were people who were willing to listen to my suggestions I was in a place where no one knew much about what exactly my role was. This added and additional level of complexity to the job.

It was also a challenge to plan and execute this project without others experienced in the methods and process for advise. This led to many challenges, but also many unique insights that came from my successes and failures. It was also very cool to be behind the scenes in a newspaper and in a one of a kind world class resort town.


  • Express Publishing
  • Summer 2009