Enhancing the NFL Experience
Master’s Capstone.


A wearable prototype for Enhancing the Experience of the NFL [for a fan attending an in stadium game.]

Built using Arduino Lilypad technology.



Jersey Prototype


  • Enhance NFL Experience
  • Don’t change (or “add layer”) of current experience of fan @ game.
  • Create a physical wearable prototype


  • Mapping Existing Experience
  • ‘Exemplar’ Research
  • Fan Interviews, Surveys, & Contextual Inquiry
  • Sports Marketing & Sports Management publication review (fan team/player relationship)

Early Concepts

Crowd Noise Ball

“Bring the sounds of the game home”

The football would sit near the fan watching the game and would play sounds from the stadium through a football with a speaker at a fan’s house.

Madden “Play” Ball

The Madden “Play” Ball a football with a screen built in.

When you play pickup football it shows offensive plays that kids could learn, to be better learn/understand real offensive concepts. With a 3 choice display, the play selection presented would match the popular Madden Football video game.


  • “Live it” – designs that were meant to put the consumer in the role of a NFL player so they could feel the experience of playing in the NFL
    The NFL Experience

  • “Above and Beyond” –
    RedZone Re-Cutter

  • “Affiliations” – use the brand of the NFL to draw people to their products or services.
    Campbell’s soup Chunky Click for Cans program.

  • Enhancing
    E-Stadium: Wireless Football Infotainment Applications.


Early Prototype

First Prototype: Two pockets containing vibrating motors sewn onto the chest of a white undershirt worn under a jersey.

Final Prototype

Arduino Lilypad hardware in an existing jersey (DE Robert Mathis, Indianapolis Colts #98).

  • M.S. Capstone
  • May 2010