Wired Article on embedded design

Wired – Design and the Digital World There is a really interesting Wired article in the newest issue about digital design (and really a lot about UX design) and technology as it becomes embedded in the world around us. I worry a bit that the writer glosses too quickly over how current designers handle  work, […]

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I’m tired of “Well it works…”

Because no, it doesn’t! To hear ‘well it works’ is one of the most frustrating responses one can hear coming from those who make decisions about a products development. ‘It works’ to an engineer and ‘it works’ to a normal person, who is trying to accomplish a task, mean two entirely different things. To an […]

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UX gone wrong

I love pizza. I love a lot of foods that aren’t good for me, but pizza is near the top of the list. My sister has a blog where she draws cartoons (that I highly recommend following) and her most recent post is about something that pizza places do to try to improve their connection […]

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The Future of UX as They know it – from the Origin Digital Blog

A blog I wrote for the company blog. There is a lot of discussion about the future of User Experience (UX) design among fellow practitioners. UX design, as an evolution from User Interaction design, Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors/Ergonomics, Usability Engineer, etc., has developed in parallel with computing and technology in our daily lives; a […]

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The ipod’s 2-button mouse, and the solution to “Antenna-Gate”

We are now in the middle of an Apple fiasco that has blown up so huge that it is being called Apple’s “Vista.” And if that’s not funny enough, it was Ballmer who said it! (Sure, and your broken arm is like my cancer…”). And although I don’t feel that this issue is going to […]

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