Firefox restart

Firefox Window Manager

I love Firefox. I was an early adopter because I loved tabs and I have stayed really because I have the ability in Firefox to switch tabs with the Command-1 (through 9) functionality. Safari is nice and chrome is pretty good too, but I don’t want to go to bookmarks when I use that key […]

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The ipod’s 2-button mouse, and the solution to “Antenna-Gate”

We are now in the middle of an Apple fiasco that has blown up so huge that it is being called Apple’s “Vista.” And if that’s not funny enough, it was Ballmer who said it! (Sure, and your broken arm is like my cancer…”). And although I don’t feel that this issue is going to […]

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Tim Brown is on Team “Play With It”?

“By testing competing ideas against one another, there is an increased likelihood that the outcome will be bolder, more creatively disruptive, and more compelling.” Or as we summarize it, “Play With It”.

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